Yoga empowers

A modern Indian woman is a woman who embodies compassion and ambition, independence and nurturance, sexuality and sensuality. A modern Indian woman knows how to balance work and personal life. A modern Indian woman is grounded, yet experimental and open to what life has to offer. A modern Indian woman acts from a place of… More Yoga empowers

Hits and Myths

In my two or so years of teaching Yoga, I have come to realise that there are many common mistakes in what we believe about the practice. I was also guilty of many such. So, this week, let’s strive to clarify some of them. All you have to do is answer whether the following statements… More Hits and Myths

One for the road..

The temperature is soaring, and with it, road rage. If you’ve lived in Delhi even for one summer, you must be familiar with the wrath that unleashes on the roads. Just a couple of weeks ago, a man was killed in an unfortunate road rage incident. Beaten to death for innocuously scratching someone’s car with his… More One for the road..

How 40 minutes of Shavasana pulled me out of my Yoga funk

It had been a stressful time. My practice had suffered, and I truly struggled to keep up with it.  Moving on the mat had been physically painful. Staying still, emotionally painful. Nonetheless, I made it a point to step on the mat every day. However, I couldn’t help but notice a progressive decline in my practice – from 2… More How 40 minutes of Shavasana pulled me out of my Yoga funk